dream it. see it.
dream it.
see it.
Dreamlux Media creates visual stories worthy of your brand.

we take the risk of
creating your dreams

we take the risk of creating your dreams

We specialize in creating engaging content that will make your audience think, feel, and most importantly…act. Our creative process guides the project from concept to execution.

We develop a creative concept that speaks to a specific goal.


Our production team efficiently brings the vision to life.


We create a distribution plan to maximize reach.


We track engagement to measure success, refine, and repeat.

What we do

TV Networks

What we
Believe in

People over products

We believe that relationships are more important than product offerings. We don’t want to just sell you something; we want you to believe in US, before you believe in what we can DO for you. It’s our goal to ensure you “know a guy/gal” in the industry who you can to turn for anything. We want you to trust our creativity, and have faith in our ability to bring your dreams to life.

Content over adveritisng

Advertising is freakin’ everywhere. Most consumers spend a good part of their day skipping past the stuff they HAVE to see, just to get to the stuff they WANT to see. The good news is, our award winning content IS the stuff they “want to see”. How very sneaky of us!

storytelling over selling

In a complex, jam packed media environment, attention is scarce and the noise speaks louder than the message. That’s why we put a premium on meaningful storytelling. In 2021, brands need to connect more naturally, and more authentically. That means, simply, being more human. Or? (Simply put, that means being more human).

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